Think About Your Eyes Survey Report
October 2017

Survey Overview

An online survey was conducted within the United States by Propeller Insights on behalf of Think About Your Eyes, a national public awareness initiative in partnership with the American Optometric Association, focused on educating consumers about the importance of vision health and annual comprehensive eye exams. 2,027 American adults age 18 and older were surveyed. Survey questions were intended to understand how Americans view their eye health, gauge how Americans value their eyesight on a daily basis, and determine whether they are making time for annual comprehensive eye exams. To celebrate World Sight Day on October 12, Think About Your Eyes encourages Americans to find an eye doctor and get a comprehensive eye exam.

Survey Findings

Most Americans say they prioritize eye health but very few visit the eye doctor as part of their annual health routine

  • Most respondents, 71%, say they make eye health a priority and more than half, 63%, are concerned about their eye health.
  • However, among those who have visited the eye doctor within the past year, only 29% went as part of their annual overall health checkup.
    • 25% of Millennials visited the eye doctor in the past year as part of their annual health routine, the least compared to Gen Xers (28%) and Boomers (36%).
  • Fully 30% of those who visited the eye doctor in the past year did so because they wear glasses or contacts and needed to check their prescription.
    • 33% of Millennials, 33% of Gen Xers and 23% of Boomers reported visiting their eye doctor for this reason.

Majority of consumers associate sight with fond memories more than other senses

  • Making memories is an important part of everyday life. In fact, 91% of adults say remembering life’s big adventures as well as everyday events is important to them.
  • Sight is a critical component of not only experiencing life but also recalling memorable moments that have occurred. When asked to recall a fond memory, 70% of adults associate the memory with something they saw. Additionally, 61% of adults say they saw something around them in the past week that caught their eye that they wanted to remember.
  • Visual cues help consumers relive memorable life moments. Nearly half of adults (48%) think the best way to relive a memorable moment or life event is to look at a picture or watch a video of it.
  • And not surprisingly, 84% of adults say capturing moments and memories with photos is important to them.

People, especially Millennials, say the reason they aren’t visiting the eye doctor is because they think their vision is “fine”

  • Among those who have not visited the eye doctor in the past year, 33% say they haven’t gone because their vision is fine so they don’t need to go. This is especially true among Millennials, 42% of which say they haven’t gone in the past year because their vision is fine, as compared to 29% of Gen Xers and 27% of Boomers.
  • Cost is also an issue, as 19% say they haven’t visited the eye doctor in the past year because they can’t afford it and 17% haven’t visited because they don’t have insurance to cover an eye exam.
    • 52% of all respondents said they would go to the eye doctor more if they could afford it. This is especially true among Millennials as 60% of Millennials, 53% of Gen Xers and 39% of Boomers say this.
  • 56% of adults admit they should visit the eye doctor more than they do now, especially Millennials (64%), followed by Gen Xers (56%) and Boomers (45%).

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