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Founded in 1972, Shamir Optical Industry Ltd. is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high-quality progressive lenses. Famous for its Innovation, Technological Sophistication and rigorous Quality Assurance practices, Shamir is known for its quick response to changing consumer demands, and its ability to fill custom-design, private label product range orders.

Originally established as a manufacturer of bi-focal lenses, within a decade’s time Shamir ranked among the world’s top ten companies to develop and market original progressive lenses. Its first progressive lens launched the company onto the international map, proving to be a turning point for Shamir. It‘s Shamir’s technological expertise that has made it a company with vision. In 1998 it developed its first technological breakthrough with its EyePoint Technology®.

Offer from Shamir: ONE FREE CE CREDIT to the 50 to sign up!


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